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Three In One Rig? Whats that? Well it's a very clever and simple presentation, because at different times it really is three different things - an Anti Tangle Hair Rig, a Dissolving Snowman Rig and/or a High Attract Balanced Wafter Rig. Let us explain…

As is the case with many rigs, the basis of this presentation has derived from trying to solve a problem, namely the issue of tangles when incorporating a long Hair. Now we’re not talking so much about hooklink tangles here, where the whole rig may wrap around the lead or leader for example – no we’re talking about the Hair and hookbait tangling around the hook or just not sitting correctly due to the Hair being supple and longer than usual.

Although the use of a longer Hair say 4-5cm in length can be problematic the benefits can be great. Mainly that cautious or pressured carp have more room to initially investigate and then suck back the hookbait before encountering the weight or resistance of the remaining terminal tackle. Where anglers are predominately using shorter more standard length rig Hairs or tying on hookbaits close to the hook, a long Hair can obviously then be a simple edge to apply with great effect.

Designed as hookbaits, the new Dissolvas also make great high attract PVA stringers
Designed as hookbaits, the new Dissolvas also make great high attract PVA stringers

Okay, so you like the sound of using a long Hair, but not the high risk of it tangling – this is where the new Mainline Dissolvas offer a nifty solution? Designed primarily as a hookbait, Dissolvas (as the name suggests) breakdown and dissolve in water over a period of around 4hrs in general water conditions. Giving off masses of attraction in the process, which makes them equally adept at offering increased levels of attraction around standard hookbaits when used as small, two bait PVA stringers etc. and this is where our long Hair tangles solution develops.

Much like a PVA Stick helps prevent a long hooklink from tangling, a Dissolva placed on the long Hair can achieve exactly the same thing. So a single Dissolva, 18mm in size goes onto the Hair first, followed by a non dissolving hookbait - a bright 12 or 15mm Balanced Wafter is perfect. Initially this creates a Snowman style arrangement that still contains freedom of movement and can still be easily taken by feeding fish.

Now for the best bit! The Dissolvas will then begin to breakdown and crumble away below the Wafter leaving it balanced and poised within this mouthful of attraction – perfectly positioned, and untangled on the long Hair. All you really need to do rig-wise is start by placing the hookbaits on the Hair first so it’s the correct length, as you’ll see here…


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