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Mainline Catch Report

Catch By
Catch by
Edward Banks
Scale icon 25lb 4oz Scale icon 8th December 2017 Location No location provided Type Common Bait Cell, link, milky toffee pop ups
I was fishing 3 rods over a tightly baited area. I put out 5 spombs of a mix of cell and link boilies. The rig I was using was Ronnie rig with a 5 inch section of Korda boom. The rig was fished in conjunction with a milky toffee pop up. The take care at 7:15 after I had only arrived at 2. The take was a violent one where the fish slammed the bobbin into the alarm and ripped of line straight away. My 4 ounce square pear lead was off straight away thanks to the Nash weed clips. After a 15 minute battle, I saw a nice chunky common pop up from the depths and over my net cord.
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