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Mainline Latest News

Target Achieved For Deano!

Mainline all-rounder, Dean Macey has just returned from a very special trip to France as you'll soon discover... “Three years ago, I was introduced to a VERY special venue in France. Unknown to many, it’s as far from a commercial as can be. Fallen trees,... read more

First Fifty For Ed!

Mainline angler, Ed Betteridge has been in touch with this great news after achieving one of his fishing targets..."Bait has always been very import to me in my fishing, as I’m sure it is with most anglers, but that importance is escalated when I’m on a campaign. ... read more

Baden Hall Big Fish Haul!

Mainline carper, Ryan Need fished Baden Hall recently and well... had a big-fish session that can only be descibed as the session of dreams! Ryan takes up the story... “I’d been watching the Facebook page of Baden Hall catch reports to try and time my session for... read more

Fine Lines Available To Pre-Order

Dave Lanes third book 'Fine Lines' is now available to pre-order and is sure to be another cover-to-cover adventure of carping tales from the big fish maestro!  read more

All Round Results For Deano!

Rivers, lakes, you name it, and Mainline angling all rounder Dean Macey has been on it! So much so we've had a job to keep up with his reports coming in! So here's Deano talking about one of those trips, where he certainly found that every cloud has a silver lining...&nbs... read more

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