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Mainline Latest News

Finnley Newham Wins BYCAC!

Young Mainline carper Finnley Newham recently won the BYCAC event held at Linear Fisheries, and had this to say about the occasion...“Arriving midday Thursday a day before the match was starting, meant that I had an opportunity to walk the lake and try to figure where the fish were, and pre... read more

Dean Macey Autumn Barbel

October is one of my favourite months of the year. As an angler that LOVES targeting big fish, I'm almost spoilt for choice. For me though, once we start getting those cooler nights and the rivers see some extra water and colour, there's only one species for me, a big autumnal barbel.&nbs... read more

Target Achieved!

Lawrence East has been in contact following a short Cambridgeshire campaign to land his target fish - Loz takes up the story...  "Last year I saw a post from good friend Dave Little of a few carp and one in particular that instantly lit the fire inside and gave me goosebumps that I... read more

Forty-Pound Norfolk Result For Mike 'Spug' Redfern

Long term Mainline addict, Mike 'Spug' Redfern has been in touch recently after achieving a right result in the shape of his eigth UK forty, fish caught from seven different lakes! Mike told us..."I have joined a local syndicate complex in Norfolk and I am looking forward to fishing ... read more

Oscar Brugger kicked off 2020 with this colossal PB common!

 Italian carper Oscar Brugger has been in touch following this epic January capture! Over to Oscar to take up the story…"33,5kg means a new PB for me. Furthermore, which makes it even crazier, it was the first fish I caught this year. After a proper look around with the eco sound... read more

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