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Mainline Consultants

About Adam Reed

Like many my fishing started at a very young age tagging along with both my Dad and Uncle whenever I could, learing as much as possible befor I was old enough by myself or with friends. Since the age of 10 or 11 I've taken my fishing for all specis very seriously and still do to this day. Watching John Wilson as a younster I would emulate whatever John was fishing for and that's where my love for all seasons and specis was born. You're likely to see me targeting carp in Spring/Summer and early Autumn before turning my attention to other specis such as pike, perch, chub and zander to name a few.

I've been with Mainline Baits offically now since 2016 but like many I couldn't tell  you how many fish I've caught on it over the years. If your looking for a glowing report you'll certainly get it from me, the Cell and Hybrid in particular have given me the most remarkable success over the time I've been with Mainline and long my it contiune. 


Appeared in several Trakker and Cygnet, and more recently Mainline productions

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