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Mainline Consultants

About Dave Lane

I have been with mainline baits since the outset and have absolutely no intention of ever changing that scenario. I have fished with all of the baits and I've lost count of the amount of fish that I've taken on them all over the years.

Bait is a very important piece of the 'Jigsaw' that is carp angling, in fact, along with location, it is the most vital part of all. The guys at Mainline know far more about bait than I could ever hope to so, quite simply, I leave it to the experts to come up with the ideal baits, and they do!

When I think about tackling a new water, having Mainline Baits to rely on gives me one less thing to worry about, I am always confident that the bait 'will' work, leaving me to get on with the location part of deal.


I have been associated with Mainline Baits since just after their conception in 1991 and I can honestly say that it was one of the best moves I ever made.

Myself and three friends were put in touch with Steve and Kev and after a good chat about what sort of bait we needed we settled on a mix and, a few days later, received our first batch of Mainlines finest.

The venue was Horton Church Lake and the results were legendary!

We absolutely tore the place apart and during the most productive period our bait caught thirty carp on the trot with only one other capture falling between the rest of the fifty man syndicate. At the end of that year the four of us had caught half of all the fish captured and I’d gained enough confidence in my bait to ensure that now, eighteen years later, I still never cast out a boilie unless it has Mainline written on the label.

During the long and productive years that followed Horton I have managed to tempt no less than five different English carp in excess of fifty pounds, each one fell for a different mainline bait and this means that I am always willing to test out any new recipe Steve and Kev might create.

I look at carp fishing as if it were one big jigsaw puzzle, the more pieces you put in the right place, the clearer the overall picture becomes. Bait is always one of the main pieces and, along with location and rig selection they are the pieces I try to fit together first whenever I approach a new water.

Having the confidence to lay the bait part of the puzzle down without hesitation every time gives me the freedom to worry about the other pieces without once having to question if I am using the right bait, I know it’s going to work and that is very impotant to me.

Quite simply Mainline Bait represents confidence in a bag which is a rare commodity in carp fishing and one that I would not be without.


Write for Carpology, Total carp, various other mags, 2x books, sky TV, DVD’s, and websites.

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