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Mainline Consultants

About Tommy De Cleen

I started on my quest to catch carp at the age of 14, many moons ago and I still love it as much now 30 years on. In that time I've fished on small lakes, big lakes, rivers and canals here in Belgium, as well as in France and Hollandl. Although I favour fishing on my home soil Belgium, I would love to fish more in the UK in the future - as I like the history of carp angling and the UK is where it all started.

I am an angler who keeps it simple, I need to use quiality bait, which I will be 100% confident in using and this is the same with rigs - I keep it simple but I know from my point of view that this rig is 100% effective and Ill keep using it - like the Blow Back Rig. Such an effective rig that I don’t need to change, because its catching me lots of fish. So good bait and tackle (that’s why Mainline Baits is my number one choice) is what I aim to use and this gives me the confidence I need to enjoy my angling.

Catching carp is what its all about and I am not in it to win it, and I don’t target big fish (they come along) but size or weight is not what gives me the buzz. I just like being out there on the bank, doing my thing and being very consistant in catching carp, but being out there is my life, carp angling is my life its who I am and it has become a way of life for me.


I have written pieces for Spiegel Magazine, Carpworld and film my own video blogs.

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