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The name Darrell Peck is synonymous with big fish captures and now the Essex carper reveals one of his most successful carp-catching components with this special hookbait mix…

Right guys, I’ve been asked to share my favourite hookbait recipe with you lot, but before I do, I’d like to point out that I didn’t come-up with it. Jamie Greening first showed me the combination of Milky Toffee and Pear & Banana Response Flavours during one of the Carp-Fest events and from there, Danny Fairbrass had a major result at Gigantica on it.

After Dan’s success Mainline produced these hookbaits exclusively for Gigantica and over the last few years I’d guess that all of the carp in the lake have been caught on them at least once, some maybe even as many as 10 times.

The true test of anything good is not instant success but consistency, and to this day it would be my first choice when fishing there. The next point I want to get across is that they don’t just work at Gigantica… On a recent session in Belgium I took an obscene amount of whackers using them, which included busting my PB twice!

Still need a reason to try out Pecky’s special hookbaits? Then checkout this 71lb 12oz Belgian beast caught with his White Banoffee Wafters!
Still need a reason to try out Pecky’s special hookbaits? Then checkout this 71lb 12oz Belgian beast caught with his White Banoffee Wafters!

Something worth mentioning here would be which situations I feel they suit best. Personally I feel they are perfect for longer sessions, fished over lots of bait i.e. a trip to France? Now I’ve caught a few using them as singles in clear water where they are easily spotted, but I think they really come into their own over big beds of boilies.

We all know that most baits wash-out pale white once they’ve been in the water a while and although these custom hookbaits mimic this appearance to a degree, I think the really important thing is that the carp can easily spot them.

I honestly believe half the battle is just making them aware that your hookbait exists. If they are actively searching for/eating boilies in your swim and they see your hookbait, they have the choice to take it - and if its not three-inches off the deck and it smells attractive to them why wouldn’t they?


So here’s the recipe. It’s exactly the same as Dan’s although I do use a touch more sweetener.


5ml Cell Activator, 10ml Milky Toffee, 5ml Pear and Banana, 3ml Sweet Ade and two eggs.


2 parts Polaris Pop Up Mix, 1.25 parts Cell Dedicated Base Mix, two tsp. of White Tru Colour bait dye (moderately heaped).


01 Here are all the things you'll need to roll the Wafters.
01 Here are all the things you'll need to roll the Wafters.

A couple of key points to make here are that the levels of powders need to be measured accurately and must be thoroughly mixed together. Too much pop-up mix will obviously make pop-ups vice versa - you’ll end-up with straight bottom baits the other way round. If the levels are correct the resulting hookbaits should just sink with the weight of your hook, hovering-up off the Hair.

So in a nutshell, measure and mix powders together. Crack two eggs into a bowl and add the liquids plus white dye - beat together until well mixed. Slowly add the powder mix to the eggs until a paste is formed - just past being sticky to the touch and from here it’s a simple case of hand or table rolling the hookbaits.

Personally I use a sausage gun and 18-20mm table. The baits should then be simmered for two minutes and dried then for 5-6 days. I leave mine on paper towels on trays in a dark cupboard in the kitchen, so they can’t be contaminated with air fresheners and god knows what else the Mrs is spraying round the house.

From there they are ready to use, although I like to give mine a bit of a boost. It might sound crazy after already using that much flavor, but I think a lot of it is lost in the boiling stage. So I keep a little 50ml bottle of the same hookbait liquids, minus the Cell Activator premixed and add 3ml to a pot full of baits and reapply as and when I think they need it.

If I haven’t gone into enough detail in this short piece, you will find a clip of Danny showing the process on YouTube if you type in ‘Banoffee Wafter’.

Tight lines, Pecky

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