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Mainline Consultants

About Rob Greening

I started using Mainline Baits in 2003 in the hay days of the famous Carp Society Horseshoe Lake. My weapon of choice was the Avtiv-8 – one of the greatest baits ever to hit the shelves and testament to its success as it’s still used by myself and others today. 

My fishing is incredibly diverse and Mainline Baits are the only company able to cater for all of my needs. I primarily spend my spring and autumn chasing big fish from notorious Colne Valley waters in search of old, large and historical fish. In the summer I tend to explore big fish venues abroad as well as get involved in the match scene – this includes representing Mainline Baits in the British Carp Angling Championships, who are currently back-to-back team winners and individual champions for the past 2 years. 

As the big fish venues slow up for winter, you’ll often find me carp fishing on the rivers or in search of big Perch, Barbel and Chub. 



Carptalk, Crafty Carper, Angling Int LTD & Diem

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