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About Rob Greening

I started fishing when I was about 4/5 years old. I used to tag along night fishing with my dad every week, and come first light I was up before he was eager to get the float rod and maggots out! After about 3 years of doing my fishing apprenticeship and once my dad was confident that I had learnt the ropes of water craft and the quarry I was after, I stepped up to carp fishing and I was hooked for life! 

From an early age (around aged 10) I had the very fortunate experience to fish some of the most exclusive waters in the UK, and I learnt the patience and carp fishing skills that is needed from a very young age. I have had some fantastic opportunities in my fishing career so far, and have travelled and fished all types of waters over the country. I have been fortunate to catch some very famous and very large carp and have used the knowledge I have gained fishing a multitude of difference venues to my advantage in competitions such as the BYCAC, BCAC and various other national carp championships.

I started using Mainline Baits when I first fished Horseshoe lake back in 2003. Fusion and Activ8 were my weapons of choice, and they both caught me hundreds of carp all over the country. In more recent years I have done very well on the Cell, and am currently using the Opal Cell to devastating effect. My fishing on a whole is very diverse, and due to the nature of this all products from the Mainline stable are somewhat used in my armoury. From high stocked bagging waters such as Linear fisheries to my low stocked syndicates, my fishing is very diverse and there isn’t a single product that goes amiss.   

My fishing nowadays is based around the low stocked Colne Valley gravel pits, and most of my time and attention is focused in targeting big elusive fish. I also do a lot of evening barbel fishing after work, and always manage to somehow squeeze in the time for the UK carp match scene.


Carptalk, Crafty Carper, Angling Int LTD & Diem

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