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Lewis Porter

About Lewis Porter

I started fishing for all sorts at about 6 or 7 years old but got seriously into carp fishing at the age of 13. For the first five years I plied my trade on various day ticket waters in Cambridgeshire, Norfolk and Northamptonshire and then joined my first syndicate at the age of 18, which was Patstons Lake in Peterborough.

After 3 years on that lake I went on to fish some local club waters and Bundy’s Pit, which is where I have been concentrating on for the past 3 years. Next year I will be turning my attention to a couple of special lakes that are home to some very nice scaly mirrors!


Former editor of Crafty Carper magazine, now a contributor to Crafty Carper, Carpworld, Total Carp, UK Carp and Carpology.

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