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About Dean Macey

I started fishing at a small lake at the end of my parent’s road back in 1989. I blanked on my first three trips but when the float sailed away on the fourth trip and I landed an 8oz skimmer bream there was no turning back, I was hooked.

Since then I match fished competitively on my local circuit before turning my attentions to carp for a number of years until 2004 when I started to take an interest in all species larger than average. Now I let the weather dictate what I target from Grayling on fast flowing chalk streams to Giant Siamese Carp and Arapaima out in Thailand. If it swims, it’s not safe from me!

My PB's include:
Chub - 7lb 2oz

Barbel - 14lb 9oz

Roach - 3lb 2oz

Crucian - 3lb 11oz

Tench - 10lb 12oz

Bream - 14lb 8oz



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