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About Scott Callison

I began fishing at 10 years old, my then next door neighbour took me over the local club lake one evening after school. He sat me in a swim next to a lily pad bed and gave me a rod, a reel, and some of Mainline's Mini Strawberry Zest boilies. I then went on to catch my first tench of around 3lb and that was it - I was hooked!

I continued to fish at every opportunity, either my mum or dad would take me or during the school holidays my grandad (as long as me or my sister ran into Mcdonalds for him on the way). I was now keen as ever, fishing the club matches and winning on quite a few occasions against the old boys!

It was one of these old boys that used to fish for the carp in his spare time who asked me if I'd like to have a go at catching some. So I gave it a go one night and caught my first carp of 14lb 8oz! That was it Christmas presents that year were sorted, I was asking for carp rods and reels.

I’ve since continued carp fishing around Essex on many different venues, some with more success than others and some with lower stocks, which has meant changing approaches to suit different venues. Nowadays, I juggle my fishing between my young family and work commitments, still managing to catch some cracking fish along the way.


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