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Mainline Consultants

About Jerry Bridger

Since I caught my first carp in 1987 I’ve been totally hooked! My hobby then turned into an obsession which gradually developed into a job in the angling trade back in 2004. An interest in digital photography and angling journalism got me involved with the start-up of Carp Addict magazine and that project really set the ball rolling. 

Three years as Crafty Carper magazine editor flew by and predictably Mainline’s bait was responsible for the vast majority of my captures in some way during that time. The Cell & Activ-8 dominated my bait choices for over five years & mixing these two awesome baits really did the business wherever I fished – home and abroad.

More recently I’ve had some incredible successes using the Essential Cell boilie range, culminating in my first overseas personal bests for nearly six years – mirrors and commons over 60lb in the same session.

My fishing in recent years has been a real mix on loads of different venues bringing my personal Bullcam YouTube vlog to life from 2017. Aside from filming trips, I mostly fish on midweek overnighters slotted in around my hectic work and family life. I probably average only a night a week on the bank and very rarely get the chance for extended sessions, one-two weeks overseas per year if I’m lucky. Because of my limited time – I prefer to take bait choice out of the equation and ensure I’m always confident by selecting bait the best there is. 


Carpworld, Crafty Carper, Carp Addict, Big Carp, Crafty Carper TV

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