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Mainline Consultants

About Damian Clarke

I started fishing solely for carp at the age of 11 on my local lake Layer Pits. By 14 I'd moved on to trickier venues such as the Garrison where I caught my first 20, at an enormous 28lb 2oz. Then in 1990 I moved on to the Snake Pit catching my first 30 and then the following year my first 40 in the shape of the original Snake Pit common.

It was from the start of June 91 that I first used Mainline Baits infact I would say that the I probably caught the first fish ever over 30lbs with the Snake Pit capture!

From then on I have fished a great variety of different venues both in the UK, Holland and France  and been an avid user of all the Mainline boilies. I fished alongside Danny Fairbrass in 2003 and together we won the BCAC Final on a blend of chopped Pulse and hemp seed, the victory was all the more sweeter with Kev Knight fishing next to us!!


I have been in the immensely fortunate position that I have not had to even think about what bait to use for nearly 18 years such is the confidence and belief in the baits that Mainline produce. In fact the very first carp that I caught on their ingredients still remains my largest English carp. It was one of the first Mainline captures and certainly the first 40 pounder way back in ’91!

Knowing that from my own results from over nearly two decades of fishing i can now literally dip into the freezer blind folded and use whatever comes to hand. This confidence and knowledge is something I take for granted now and having to not worry about what bait to use gives me more time to concentrate on the fishing. If you made me choose one, I’d have too pick two the Cell and Activ-8. If you’re new to carp fishing or haven’t used Mainlines bait before you should seriously look at giving either of these a try, they will change your fishing forever!


Not so much any more! The lakes that I choose to fish are generally no publicity. But I do occassionally write in Carpology, Total Carp or Advanced Carp, with the odd appearance on Korda's TV show Thinking Tackle.

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