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Mainline Consultants

About Christopher Paschmanns

My career as an angler started very early with a small net in the little ponds and canals next to where I lived with my family. I always had this special interest for water and all its creatures. For me a puddle was more interesting then the matchbox cars of the other boys. With my fishing licence, which you need in Germany – I did as soon as possible joined a club and started fishing for all species. My first carp, a little mirror, I caught at the age of 12.

During my studies I worked as a editor and layout designer for the carp magazine Carp Connect and after I finished studying journalism and communication I became an editor of one of the biggest German general fishing magazines: Rute & Rolle. For this mag I travelled around the world and fished for example in Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Spain, Maurice Island and so many more countries for all kind of great species. But carp was always my number one.

In 2011 I wrote the very successful and well-respected book Karpfenzeit that I am going to publish in the 3rd issue. Together with my good friend Mark Dörner and Volker Seuß I founded the entertainment and news platform and in 2014 I published the DVD Keep the Spirit together with Mark which was shown in several German cinemas.

2013 I joined the marketing department of Korda and got in contact with Mainline Baits. Since then I can’t imagine to go fishing without Mainline! Especially the Activ-8 Basemix and High Impact Banoffees made some insane results possible for me. 2015 we released the first ever German Carpfishing Masterclass DVD and right now we are working on part two. Mainline is going to play a big role on this DVD!


Author of book "Karpfenzeit“, founder of, DVD 'Keep The Spirit' and regular writer for all relevant carp and general magazines in Germany.  

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