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Mainline Consultants

About Bruno Medou

I caught my first carp when I was 8 years old. I used to spend a couple of hours, with my dad on the river banks staring at my good old float so as to expect its slightest movement caused by a fish.

Then I moved from bamboo roads to little bells as indicator, to my fistrt carbon rod , then came night fishing and eventually boilie fishing. I found out what no kill really  meant , I started loving nature and I discovered a great fish. Ever since, I have been wandering a bit all around Europe. In the 90’s, I started falling in love with big open spaces.

Lost in the heart of massive Spanish locks , at a time when nobody knew the potential of those big Spanish lakes , we used to land massive commons at a row. Then I had the opportunity to take advantage of Mesnil and Giraudot at the Oorient lake, the next one on the list  was Champaubert at the der lake and to top it all Cassien and its enchanting landscape and fish. It lasted some years before all those lakes got really too popular. Currently, I am not interested in those any longer. I am sort of poaching now, ( I am not ashamed to say it) in various wild abandoned  gravel pits where  I land  fish who have nothing to be jealous of their over mediatised counterparts. I also like fishing running waters where I love facing real powerful fish.

I am quite a classical type of angler. I first started writing here and there on the net. I then started to collaborate with some French magazines and I started working with some foreign ones. In 2006 I wanted to achieve something which would last so as to convey my vision of  carp fishing , which hasn’t changed since then. I shot a movie called “ Aquatic Dreams ( with a lot of underwater videos). This movie represents my biggest pride as I financed it all by myself. I am currently very lucky to be able to help and develop and use the most technical tackle available on the market. Korda has trusted me in this task and I try to use my experience on French waters to develop their products. I am a media editor for Korda on the French market. As I can’t live without fishing and If I remain  more than two weeks without fishing  I utterly  get crazy , I fish “full time” regardless of the weather , the season, sometimes even beyond reason. I will stop here, but there would still be a lot to say.

Ihave been using the mainline range for quite a while now and I must admit that I am priviledged enough to have quite a lot so as to change my fishing completely. When you own high quality bait based on nutrition and digestibility you can prep bait quita a lot and this makes the fish totally crazy. I very soon realised that the more you put freebies in the more the carp will be addicted to them. This is crazy. Like a lot of anglers I am addicted to fruitela and pineapple pop up which have  brought me a lot of fish over the year be it in single or with another bait.


I write for Carpe record magazine and carpe Scene Collector magazine in France . I am also in charge of the most famous website in France called LBC I have also made two movies on carp fishing and appeared in a different movie videos clips.

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