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Mainline Catch Report

Catch By
Catch by
Catch by
Andy Bowler
Scale icon 24lb 1oz Scale icon 31st March 2024 Location Embryo Oxford Type Mirror Bait Cell and Essential Cell
I arrived at the lake around an hour before the draw, allowing myself to take a stroll around the lake and also to chat to the guy's on the week rota to find out what had been out and where. With this information I decided on my favoured swims and hoped for a good result in the draw. Luckily I came out second and was able to took my first choice of swim.I had only fished the swim a couple of times before, but knew from past captures the favoured spots. After a bit of leading around I decided to fish 2 different spots, one towards an Island at 20 wraps and the other 2 rods also at 20 wraps but straight out in front. All rods were fished with either Salty Squid or IB pop ups. Both spods were spodded over with a 50/50 mix of Cell and Essential Cell covered in Cell and Cream Smart Liquid. At around 0800 in the morning the rod at the island roared of resulting in this lovely 24-02 Mirror on an IB pop up