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Mainline Catch Report

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Catch by
Catch by
Robby Swennen
Scale icon 61lb 1oz Scale icon 23rd March 2024 Location Heylakker Type Mirror Bait Pink pineapple wafter
Fishing has been very slow on the pit the last few weeks. The swim I wanted was occupied but my second choice was free. I put the middle and righthand rod out to the right on some gravelbars. My lefthand rod was fished straight forward on a gravelbar close in. I baited that rod with some sweetcorn, maggots, casters and Cell pellets and give them a good squirt of the lovely smelling sweetcorn smart liquid. I fished a pink pineapple wafter attached to a spinnerrig on top of all those goodies. The night passed by quietly but after a hailstorm the left rod was flying. I ended up in the middle of the pit before I managed to get over the fish. I could clearly see wat I was attached to in the clear water and my thoughts were comfirmed once I had her in the net. A new PB!
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