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Mainline Catch Report

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Catch by
Catch by
Jake Tyler-Simner
Scale icon 32lb 8oz Scale icon 31st May 2020 Location Orchid Lakes Type Mirror Bait Essential cell
After setting off at 3:00am to be first at the gate Friday morning I had a good feeling about my session. I chose to fish a double peg called the royal box, it�s had done a few bites but the anglers were struggling to bank the fish because of the weed. The weather was scorching So I used zigs all day but no luck and the first night pasted with no fish. Next morning I had a lead around to find a nice clear patch underneath a willow tree, I walked round and scattered a lot of bait on the spot. That night I fished 2 bags tight on the spot and just before midnight the rod ripped off to the right, I struck into the fish which came in like a dream trying to bury itself in the weed in the margin but after small amount of pressure it freed itself up and over the net it went!!
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