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Mainline Catch Report

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Tom Purdy
Scale icon 50lb 2oz Scale icon 22nd March 2020 Location Emperor lakes syndicate Type Mirror Bait Cell wafter 14mm
Turning up friday tea time to the syndicate straight from work , a strong eastly blowing. The lake had 4 anglers on all tucked away in shelterd swims , so into a swim called ginges right in the teeth of the wind but I'd had a gd couple sessions in this swim the week before so a no brainer . Back on the same spots i caught a 30lb ,28lb, 23lb and a stocky on a overnighter the week before happy days confident as ever . Saturday soon came around savage night with big cold 40mph+ winds , no bites , same again redone the rods and repeat same as the night before. Winds due to drop still very cold chill but looking promising, 12 o'clock soon had a couple beeps on the right hand rod and had a stocky around 6lb in the net . Quickly redone the rod as wind completely died and I new it was good for another one . 5.15 left hand screams off fished bottom slope of an island. Absolutely beast of a battle line twinging in the wind i new it was a big un . Roughly 15min battle i finally netted her no head torch, but as soon as rolled her i seen the tail and new it was her . Quickly called my mate who was in a swim up the bank from me and got he4 sorted. After a cuppa tea sun had just started to rise we got her weighed once on my scales , twice on my spare ones then third set from my friend toby , 50lb 2oz !!! Witnessed by 2 other members . Lots of pics then a super quick pack down as ov course mothers day i had to get home keep the kids and wife happy aswell .
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