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Mainline Catch Report

Catch By
Catch by
Catch by
Matthew Harwood
Scale icon 18lb 14oz Scale icon 31st January 2020 Location Catterick fishing complex Type Common Bait Chocolate orange fizz popups
It was the last day of the month and the wind was blowing a Gail with heavy rain. after going around the 3 lakes to talk to the 4 anglers who had also braved the weather I decided to fish the lake with the least amount of people on after talking to the other anglers and finding out they had been there for 2 days and had nothing I'd just had some chocolate orange fizz popups delivered the day I couldn't wait to try them out I choose a spot near a aerator to cast to and spodded out 2 spods of essential cell pellets (difficulty) and then casted my chocolate orange fizz over the top within 30 mins my right hand rod ripped off with it taken me straight In to weed unfortunately losing the fish so out went another 2 spods of pellet and another cast and within 15 mins the same rod ripped of again but this time the fish went the opposite way which ended up me netting my self a new pb I'm over the moon since changing to mainline I've broke my pb 3 times in 6 months and the way things are going itll not belong before it goes again best bait on the market by far
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