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Mainline Catch Report

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Catch by
Catch by
James Butcher
Scale icon 34lb 12oz Scale icon 31st May 2020 Location Rk leisure k1 Type Mirror Bait cell
Got done late Friday after work there had been a draw at 10am in the morning and most of the swims around the carpark a and bridge were occupied and most of the fish were that end so I had a look round and jumped in a swim I knew quite well wrapped one rod at 21 wraps and it went down with a had drop and the other rod was placed on a spot at 15.5 wraps to a spot I've had fish of in the past and a kg of chopped and whole cell was put on each rod nothing happened the 1st 24hrs so I put out another half kg of chops over each rod and the following morning I had a few liners on my long rod then a hour later the rod pulled up tight and the result was a 34lb 12oz hard fighting male as a little milt was on the mat happy days????????
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