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Liquids with Loz East

Liquids with Loz East Posted by Mainline Baits

Lawrence East explains why he add liquids to his baiting approach at this time of year!

For as long as I can remember now I’ve always used a lot of liquids in my fishing whether that’s glugging and pimping my hookbaits or adding oils to a little Stick mix or my spod mix.

Over the years I’ve gone through lots of variations through trial and error and basically narrowed it down to make my angling as uncomplicated as possible. When it comes to my ‘match the hatch’ pop-ups and wafters I like to add the matching Hookbait Enhancement System liquid to them. To start with I air dry my baits until they’re rock hard before adding the liquid and what you’ll find is they absorb it like a sponge, I only do this process once though because adding too much liquid can affect the bouyancy of the bait. By doing this you’re giving your hookbait maximum attraction and ensuring this continues in a fishing situation for as long as possible.

Another autumn carp approaches the net!
Another autumn carp approaches the net!

Next up is Hemp Oil, now this needs no introduction, it’s been around for years and is as popular as ever. I like to add this to my finished spod mix as it not only preserves the bait for my session but creates food signals through the surface layers of the water drawing fish down through the water column. It can also provide you with a little insight as to when the fish are feeding on your area as you’ll often see oil slicks appear on the surface telling you something has disturbed your spot. Another little tip I like to do with my Hemp Oil is inject it into my finished Solid Bag presentations.

The Smart Liquid provide an extra edge!
The Smart Liquid provide an extra edge!

Lastly, the brand-new Smart Liquid. I’ve been fortunate enough to use this liquid for the last 18 months and I can honestly say there’s nothing else on the market like it. The food signals and attraction it provides under the water is nothing short of unbelievable and it’s certainly given my bait that extra edge by adding it to both my spod mix and Solid Bags. One little edge I have been doing with the Smart Liquid is coating the pellets I add to my Solid Bags prior to my sessions. What you’ll find is unlike most other liquids instead of the pellets absorbing the liquid and going soft, the pellets will remain hard, however, the Smart Liquid will dry to the outside of the pellets. What this means is you'll still be able to really compact your bags when tying them but your pellets will ooze the attraction from the Smart Liquid giving your presentation something different to what the fish have seen before.

The result of liquid attraction!
The result of liquid attraction!

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