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How To Make Spod Mix Boilies

How To Make Spod Mix Boilies Posted by Mainline Baits,

This feature covers everything you need to know for making your own Spod Mix Boilies - a custom bait that provides an edge through its appearance rather than taste thats also extremely easy to do...


10ml Hybrid Activator per two eggs, Hybrid Dedicated Base Mix.


Mixing Bowl, Measuring Spoon or Pipet (optional), Fork, Spoon(s), Saucepan and Sieve or Strainer.


Approx. 90 minutes.



Okay, we’ve been taken a look at how to customise hookbaits, but are there anyways to apply these little differences or ‘edge’ to the freebies? You can bet your bottom dollar there is – in fact the scope to do-so is massive as on most occasions we’ll all be happy to use boilies straight out of the bag.

Now there is one very important thing to consider, which is the flavour balance and palatability of your feed. This is far more delicate than a hookbait, which is never intended to eaten, meaning flavour labels can be random and the levels high, as ‘attraction’ is often what is the most important element.

Because none of us could do with sitting behind the rods in doubt, we won’t be making any changes to the boilie make-up flavour-wise. Instead we’ll be making distinct changes to the appearance and texture.

Perhaps the best edge gained from this simple process is the increased leakage of attraction and ‘food signal’. Perfect for the summer months when the fish can be moody - preferring to just cruise about making it difficult to encourage a feeding response - and ideal for winter as a softer breakdown bait with high attraction.

These are the things you will need to begin the process...
These are the things you will need to begin the process...

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