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How To Make Cork Dust Pop-Ups

How To Make Cork Dust Pop-Ups Posted by Mainline Baits,

This feature shows you all you need to know when it comes to one of the ways of creating 'custom' buoyant pop-ups by incorporating cork dust within the mix - here's how its done...


5ml New Grange Activator, New Grange Dedicated Base Mix, Cork Dust Granules and one egg.


Mixing Bowl, Measuring Spoon, Syringe or Pipet, Fork, Spoon, Saucepan, Strainer, Plastic Bag and Towel or Air-Dry Tray.


Approx. 90 minutes.


24HRS air-drying - preferably five to seven days.

There are many advantages to rolling ‘Cork Dust’ pop-ups that begin with the fact that you are predominately using the exact same base mix as that used to roll your feed baits. The result is a hookbait that matches the smell, texture and appearance of your boilies perfectly. Leaving nothing to spook wary or pressured carp.

What’s more the consistency of Cork Dust Pop-Ups is the same throughout – so unlike Cork Ball Pop-Ups there’s no need to worry about the durability of a thin outer layer of paste.

One real bonus is the way that the buoyancy levels of this hookbait mix can easily be adjusted – meaning that with a little testing you can also produce ‘critically-balanced’ wafting hookbaits using the same rolling process – simply lower the levels of cork dust slightly.


These are the things you will need.
These are the things you will need.

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