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BOILIES Posted by Mainline Baits

Adam Rooney tells you everything you need to know about Boilies...

What are they?

“Boilies have always been a massively popular bait in carp fishing world, and our team have been super keen to scaling this down into the match fishing world with these Mainline Match mini boilies! The range offers a variety of colours and flavours using the expert and renowned recipes from Mainline’s big-fish roots, perfect easy-to-use hookbaits for all rod and line work.”

It’s not just carp that like boilies, F1s love them too!
It’s not just carp that like boilies, F1s love them too!

When and why are Boilies effective?

“Mainline Match boilies give anglers so many options of hookbaits, and changing the colour and flavour of these to keep fishing coming through a session is often vital. The white Cell is a favourite of mine in clear water, a lovely stand-out amongst a pile of groundbait or pellets on a Hybrid Feeder. In coloured water, the Yellow Pineapple is deadly, or the chocolate orange! The great thing about these Boilies is that they are resilient to small fish, meaning you can sit and wait for a lump to pick up the bait and be selective towards catching quality fish! Available in sinking boilies and Wafter versions which are ideal for targeting pressured fish.”

Expect to catch the biggest of fish on these hookbaits!
Expect to catch the biggest of fish on these hookbaits!
Easy to use with a simple Hair Rig
Easy to use with a simple Hair Rig

How do you get the best from Boilies?

“Getting your presentation right is key when using boilies as a hookbait, and you first need to make sure that you present them on some sort of hair-rig. Placing them on a simple hair rig works well, leaving a small 1mm gap between the hook and bait. Another option is to use a Bayonet, with the Mainline Match boilies being a perfect texture to push this or a baiting needle through. Matching them to the right size hook is also key - a size 12 or 14 QM1 is the perfect balance.”

Four different flavour/colour combo’s
Four different flavour/colour combo’s

Tip from the top!

“Play around with different colours of hookbaits to keep fish coming. Like any bait, fish wise up to the same ones used all the time, and swapping around is a brilliant way of keeping fish coming. Something else that is a great little trick, is to tie a slightly longer hair-rig, and place two mini boilies on there to give an extra visual hookbait that looks different to what the fish are used to! I always match this to a size 10 QM1.”

Image © Mainline Baits

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