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Mainline Consultants

About Tim Paisley

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Tim has been using Mainline baits since the early 90s when he enjoyed some terrific winter results using the original Grange, which Tim claims is still the best bait he has used in cold-water conditions.

Successes on Mainline have included two world championships (fishing with Steve Briggs), four team titles in the World Carp Classic, Tim’s two biggest fish, which came from Lake Raduta and Rainbow, his biggest English winter fish, and his personal best English common and leather. Tim has spread his fishing between England and overseas during the last ten years and has landed 55lb+ fish from no fewer than seven different waters. Though much of Tim’s fishing is now done on overseas water he still fishes in England and over the years has accounted for 30lb+ fish from 12 different waters. Personal bests are as follows: England, mirror 42lb 8oz; common 34lb 12oz; leather 38lb. Abroad, Mirror 63lb (Cassien) and common 73lb 13oz (Raduta).

Because he travels for much of his fishing Tim likes the twin thrust of instant attraction and nutritional fulfilment the Mainline freezer baits provide. He has had success on the Grange, Activ-8, Assassin-8, Mark 1, the New Grange, and loves using the Mainline particle additives with his pellet, seed and particle groundbaits. Given one bait to fish for ever Tim’s choice would be Pineapple Juice pop-ups cored to balance the hook. “The carp just seem to find this bait irresistible!” comments Tim. “It works wherever I go and can be a brilliant last resort when all else fails, either on its own or as the top-knot on a snowman.”

Comments Tim, “Kev Knight is  manic, but he is a brilliant sponsor, is always on time with the bait and clothing he supplies for my personal use and matches, and pays up without a murmur when  we turn him over on the golf course. What a star!”


Managing Director of Angling Publications, publishers of Carpworld and Crafty Carper, Editor of Carpworld, the author of seven books in his own name, and contributor to numerous others. His latest book, ‘Twilight in the East (More From the Bivvy)’, is due out in the spring.

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