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About Thomas Duncan-Dunlop

From a young lad I started fishing along the River Thames at Hampton Court and the Power Station in Canbury Gardens in Kingston, trying to catch anything that would swim along. As I got a little bit older, I tried my luck fishing for Pike along the Thames. Every now and again, if I had enough money, I’d have a dabble at Old berry Hill in Dorking.About 30 years ago I was fishing in Dorking for Tench, by the lily pads and I hooked onto my first carp. Which at the time felt absolutely massive, stretching the elastic in my pole to the maxi, it’s fair to say I was hooked on carp fishing from that day on. 

As I grew into my late teens, I joined Godalming Angling Society which is where I caught my first 20 and 30 lb carp. In-between running my own Heating Engineer & Plumbing business, I try hard to combine my private life with what has now become a hectic fishing schedule these days. 

I have been extremely fortunate, that my love for fishing has taken me across the world, fishing some amazing places. Some of my favourite places would have to be St. Cassien, in the south of France for its stunning backdrops, beautiful fish, steeped in history this is truly an amazing lake. Rainbow Lake, near Bourdeux is a surreal, atmospheric place which holds so many fond memories, not only have I caught some big fish over 80 lb in this lake, I have made some great friendships too. Fishing the world cup in the USA was unbelievable, to fish the St Lawrence River for me will always be an unforgettable experience. 

Since joining the Mainline team, a couple of years ago, I have been lucky enough to fish with some of Mainline’s fantastic baits. As I’m writing this profile (1st May 2016), I have recently caught two UK mid 40’s, using Essential Cell. This bait is going to be fantastic for future carp fishing, every time I have used Essential Cell I have caught carp in the UK and abroad. One day I’m hoping to win the lottery and have a lake in my back garden. We can all dream… 


I writen in CarpTalk and co-wrote 'Monster Carp' with Tim Paisley and Steve Briggs

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