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Mainline Consultants

About Steve Mogford

I've been carp fishing ever since I was a kid and the buzz I get out of it now is just as big now as it was then.

Over the years I've seen many bait companys come and go and have used products from many of them with varying degrees of success. Around four or five years ago I very luckily got a deal with Mainline and I really haven't looked back since. I have to be 100% confident in the bait I am using and with Mainline thats just what I am.

The first bait I used was the Pulse which absolutley took Pit 3 at Frimley apart, accounting for all the big fish time and time again for several anglers.

Then when I went over to Pit 4 I switched to the New Grange which for me turned out to be even better, the amount of commons I caught in it blew me away. It really was the best fishing I've ever had. The fish, at times, wouldn't even look at any other bait it was that good.
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