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Mainline Consultants

About Shaun McSpadden

Started fishing at 8yrs old, match fished at National level as a youth before my feeder rod got dragged in too many times!!...starting carp fishing at 14yrs old, been using mainline for past 13 yrs.


I don’t know enough about carp bait to even start examining ingredients and recipe combinations and all the other associated scientific jargon that comes with   modern baits, simply because I don’t need to! The reason for this is that I have   the utmost confidence in the products of Mainline Baits. I’m a big believer in the theory that if it isn’t broke then don’t fix it and therefore I have rarely ventured too far from the established Mainline flavours of Activ-8 and Fusion. Over the past 16yrs Mainline Baits products have helped me catch many target carp and achieve many of my personal goals on a variety of UK and overseas venues. In recent times memorable captures on the Mainline gear include a brace of UK 40lb+ commons and three overseas 50+’s in the space of just six months. The confidence I have in Mainline not only comes from my own personal results but also those I have witnessed achieved by many of my close friends! Over the   years I have partaken in and witnessed many baiting campaigns using Mainline   Baits which have resulted in some devastating catches over long periods of time – further evidence again just how consistently good the quality of these baits is.


Appeared in Total Carp, Advanced Carp and various trade publications

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