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About Roman Buczynski

Started carp fishing 16 years ago, after serving the usual apprentership with smaller species on local lakes as well as further afield when on holiday around Europe. The carp fishing journey started at a local club water that was conveniently situated en route to school, hence that was where I spent all my free time. That amount of exposure to the lake meant I always had a good idea of where the carp would be. Even sat in the classroom watching out of the window as to which way the wind was blowing the branches on trees as to which corner the carp were likely to be (whilst the Chemistry teacher tarnished me with the ignorance brush!) I fished the lake for a good few years, familiarising me with the old characters that swum this deep lake, catching fish from margins and bars right through to ‘the reedbed chuck a massive 80 yard for a young lad with his 2lb text curve rods!)

From their my carp fishing developed organically, to exploring new waters around the Yorkshire area, and my supportive father spent his weekend taxi driving myself and younger brother to venues further afield. The Carp Society revealed a variety of events in place for keen junior anglers with the chance to fish a lake where previously I had only had wet dreams about…Horseshoe. The game was upped, I I was now going to fish a circuit lake, and be shown by the finest anglers in the country of how to do it.

Needless to say that the first trip to Horseshoe heralded an ambition to catch lots of scaley carp. To the point of my life outside of school revolving around Horseshoe, working to earn money for bait and kit that would last my marathon sessions of 5-6 week summer holidays on ‘shoe’. Last GCSE was boxed off and taxi driver dad bundled into an over laiden car for the 3 hour trek to Lechlade. Several years of fishing the ‘shoe’ meant I had honed my long range fishing, accuracy and location. These skills manifested themselves on waters more local to me, and a reputation started to build. Day ticket waters and syndicate waters were now getting ‘smashed up; with my actics and the Active 8 that I was feeding the fish.

A good friend of mine got in touch one day, as I was sat nursing a hangover, in a coffee shop, in between lectures in the first year of university. A spring adventure was booked to the River Rhone in france. That was it from then. My fishing took me all over Europe, extended holidays to Salagou, Cassien, Orient and the mighty River Rhone were taken. My writing for various titles across Europe subsidised these trips and opened many doors, which I am very grateful for.

Gone are the days of long summer trips and fishing all the time, a challenging career in the military has seen to that. However, to this current day the main focus of my fishing is on the Continent, fishing wild places away from the crowds, with just a handful of close friends a bootful of air dried Grange and a few bottles of good wine!


Write for; Carpworld, Crafty Carper, Kapri Svet (Czech), Karper (Dutch), Rybolov (Ukraine), Karp Max (Polish), Carp Scene Collector (France) Carp Connect ( Germany) Karpa X Tutti (Italy) as well as other titles

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