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Mainline Consultants

About Robert Bell

I started fishing as a young boy, probably five or six. My father or brother used to take me out for the day and I really got the fishing bug, fishing for anything that swam. I probably started fishing solely for carp at the age of 13 or 14. Based in Hertfordshire I fished local waters, nothing prolific, but all held carp in them albeit not in numbers. Fishing all throughout my teens on waters like Stanborough Lakes, Holywell Hyde and Stansted Abbotts. When I started driving I ventured further and spent a great deal of time at Waveney Valley Lakes. Since starting CARPology I have fished all over the place and have been very fortunate to have fished some really amazing places including a few real historic waters including Savay, Yateley, Frimley, Herts Club Water to name a few.


Owner CARPology magazine.

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