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About Ricky Knight

I started fishing from a very young age, maybe as young as three or four. Angling for me started on local drains and channels with my Dad who was a passionate angler himself. 

This then slowly progressed on to the more ‘commercial venues’ as my skills improved and the desire to catch bigger fish crept in. I started to do well and before long was fishing with all the adults on the week and weekend match’s. As a driven individual who does not like loosing, I soon found myself regularly winning these adult matches, especially on the venues that were very carp dominated.


At 14, I got a Saturday job in a local tackle shop and my inquisitiveness for big carp started to grow. I kept seeing photos big carp (for my area back then a 20lb carp was a big fish) and before long I slowed up the match fishing and started serious carp angling. Since that day the match gear disappeared into the garage loft, I have never looked back and as they say, the rest is history.

14 years later, I have been very lucky to have caught a few good fish all from the South West. These include six different forty’s upto 47lb 12oz and over 45 fish that have gone over the areas magic 30lb barrier. 

Living in an area that is known for having limited ‘big fish’ angling, I feel incredibly lucky and humbled to have caught what I have. Been with Mainline now for over 7 years and since the day I joined Mainline, every capture has come to our products. I love testing all the new bits, gives me a unique edge for that short window which does help. 

Looking forward, the most important thing for me is to continue enjoying my angling while fitting it in around a very busy retail management job. My next goal is to catch cumulative 10 different 40s and 50 different 30s, all from the South West (below Bristol) ... once that’s done it’s time to kiss the by South West goodbye and venture out in the hope of catching even more big and beautiful fish from around the UK.

No matter what shape or size, colour or strain, I just love catching carp! 


Frequently write features in; Total Carp, Angling Times, UK Carp Magazine, and Carp Talk

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