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Mainline Consultants

About Rick Willeatts

I’ve been wetting a line in ponds, brooks and rivers since I was 11, working my way up through the methods and the species alike. I competed in and for Surrey as a junior match angler, but always fished for carp along side that until the thrill of carp fishing totally consumed me. By the age of 15 I was down the local lake almost everyday that I wasn’t at school (and some when I should’ve been!) with a quest for my first twenty pounder. At 16 I was a senior member and could spread my wings a little more, who would’ve thought that today the passion would still be as strong, if not stronger. Backed up by many successful times at many waters throughout the years and both myself and my brother have been very fortunate to have caught many a special one in our times on the bank together. I have been using Mainline bait for many years; Grange, NRG, Activ-8 and Maple-8 have all caught me fish. I use Cell and Hybrid now for most of my fishing and to be honest I don’t have to give “bait” a single thought, allowing to work on what matters - catching them! 


Mainly catch reports through Carp-Talk magazine.

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