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About Richie Latham

I started going fishing with my Dad when I was 6 just down the local figure of eight pond in Morton and quickly became obsessed fishing there. I was just bit bashing at the time for the roach and perch but after watching my Dad catching the big red eyed tench that the pond held, soon had me wanting to catch one myself. I remember sitting there next to a big set of pads on a misty morning after walking the mile or so from my home. With a tin of sweetcorn, size 14 hook and quill float I probably fished well over depth and the next thing I knew the rod got ripped out of my hand and dragged along the ground towards the lake. Once I had hold of the rod I couldn't believe the power these fish had and just loved every minute of it and still do to this day. It wasn't long after this that I hooked into my first carp and that was it I was well and truly hooked. I must of pestered the carp lads to death on there for info on fishing for carp and how do I do this and that, scaving there boilies off them when they were going, good old days I can tell you.

I  caught most of the carp in the little pond up to 16lb and then moved on to the Brickworks were I met some good lads and caught a lot of fish up to a new lake record at the time of 21lb. I then passed my driving test and started fishing out in Cheshire, Booth Hall was the fist lake and the first mere I have ever fished and my 1st big fish water I had ever fished before. It went really well on there and they just loved the Maple 8. Out of the 50 fish in there i had caught 42 of them and the big girl 3 times over 30lb. Then it was off to West Port which is a park lake in Stoke on Trent after a big ghosty I had been told about. I had Goldy in my 2nd year at 33lb and most of the other target fish I was after. I have also fished the Mangrove, Birch Grove, Chumly Castle, Petty Pool, Tatton Park and have so far caught all the fish i set out to catch bar one which is where I am still fishing at the moment. With a bit of look he will be rolling into my net this year. Then I'm off to Monks Pit for some big mirrors as I feel  I have caught all the target fish from the North West that I have access to and that I want to catch bar the big common, but I can't complain with numerous twentys, fifteen 30lbs, three 40s all from the North West . I am also sponsered by FOX and AK ANGLING.


I have done features for Total Carp, Advanced Carp, Angling Times , UK Carp , Carp Talk, and I am now doing the "Ask the expert " in Carpworld .

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