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Mainline Consultants

About Rael Bojko

I started carp fishing at the age of six at Martins Pit, before I ventured onto Chigbrough Lake to catch my first double figured carp. Amazingly Snake Pit came next, one of the hardest waters in the country when I was aged just 11. All of a sudden I was fishing alongside some big angling names; Rob Maylin, Kevin Nash, Phil Harper and Dave Wibley to name a few. Somehow I was top-rod in that first year with three takes resulting in two fish landed, at 17lb and 26lb.

Then I moved over onto Harefield with Rob Maylin and the 'famous five' who took me under they're wings and I learned a lot. They also learnt from me i.e. Maylin asking if that was a bottom bait I was casting out, I said “yes” to which he replied I was being 'silly', but after having 11 takes in one day they were all using bottom baits!

After that I moved onto Broxborne where I met Big Steve and his son, introduced him to my Dad, Zenon, one thing led to another and Mainline was born. I then started fishing Darenth at about 14 years of age where we had some good times testing baits and of course catching loads of fish. Then we started up Dreamlakes in France, where I still work and fish.




I've appeared on the front cover of a few carp fishing magazines; Carp-Talk, Carp World etc. 

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