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Mainline Consultants

About Nicholas Holzer

I have always been attracted to fishing. At the age of eight I caught my fisrt trout in one of the mountain rivers of my region. My Grandfather took me fishing with him as often as possible and soon I developed my angling skills and started fly fishing for trout and grayling. Then one day I came across an Italian carp fishing magazine and that was the moment the carp bug bit me. In the past 17 years I visited many waters and many different countries. For me carp fishing is a lifestyle and a great passion that allows me to be close to nature and it’s beauties. In the next years I have many objectives I want to achieve and I think that with Mainline Baits all will become easier and more enjoyable.


I write for the Italian magazine CARPFISHING TOP and work closley with CARPFISHING TV a free youtube channel where I post some of my video work. I am present on all the Italian trade shows and like to attend open days at shops over all Italy.

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