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About Lewis Daneshi

As a very young boy my Dad used to take my brother and I fishing most weekends. My first years of fishing started at a very young age of 3 back in 1989 and was targeting carp. I learnt a lot from him back then and it was not just a love for fishing, but a way of bonding with my dad as my parents split up when I was around 5 years old. Through the years my love for the sport just kept on growing and once I got to a point and age where I could travel myself, that’s when my fishing really took a turn for the better. Learning as much as possible from my dad who was very old school washing up tops as bobbins and luncheon meat. The next stages were to learn more from watching others and lots of reading and time on the bank myself, learning more and more from each trip itself.

Over the years I have fished a number of different venues and I am currently an owner of a YouTube channel called ReelfishingUk with my brother. My brother and I set up this channel up to share our angling experiences with others.  


My goal is to carry on enjoying my angling, whatever path that may lead me down! I'm happy catching carp regardless of size. In my eyes the more you catch, the big ones will soon start to show up, and beating my personal best is my only target at present. I never will forget why I go fishing for myself and to enjoy it.


In 2016 I got involved with Mainline Baits and all I can say is I will never look back!' I can only prise the bait firm and have the utmost confidence when using its diverse range of products.


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