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Mainline Consultants

About Katie Watkinson

About 9 years ago I started by reluctantly tagging along with an ex-boyfriend of mine. At first, I would only sit and watch. He then got me a little float rod and I would sit for hours happily catching little tiddlers while he waited for his carp. If I'm honest, I found it hard to understand the fascination with the whole "carp" thing. I mean why wait and wait for hours when I can sit here catching fish after fish while he had nothing. That was until one day while he nipped back to the van and left me in charge. The peace and quiet was dramatically disrupted as one of his rods were away. Once I felt the power of that carp and buzz of pure chaos of hooking one of these amazing creatures there was no going back I wanted more!

In my early days I started fishing a number of venues in Wales and the Cotswolds steadily improving my angling along the way. I then moved back to London, I spent my time on Park lakes in the city and in Reading. I have also ventured onto the continent fishing a number of French lakes including Echo Pool. I then met my partner James who introduced me the Essex Carp scene. I am now living in Essex and targeting a few local waters that are kept hush hush. I have also made a start on a campaigned in the Lea Valley. By far the biggest and most exciting part of my recent fishing career has been being snapped up by Korda and more recently Mainline.


I have written for the Korda website, and have also had a number of magazine features and covers. As well as being a Trakker representative I'm also a member of Team Korda, recently filming Thinking Tackle with Danny Fairbrass. Being very active on social media means I've also gained a large following to my day-to-day work, social and of course angling life.

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