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Mainline Consultants

About Jeroen Flokstra

Started fishing when I was 3 years old, hooked up with carp fishing around ’83-’84 and caught loads of fish in the Dutch canals and lakes. After some time I went to France for a couple of weeks a year to try to catch the big-uns. Started using Mainline baits in 2003-2004 and specialised my fishing on the commercial Abbey Lakes fishery since I became the Dutch and Belgian agent for this French complex in 2004. In 2009 Abbey TV was born, this was a weekly YouTube movie about everything that happened on the Abbey complex. These days my fishing is only a couple of weeks a year, mainly to the commercial likes like Rainbow Lake, Parco del Brenta and the Dutch Carplantis. 

One of the well known English anglers told me once, he’d rather go shopping naked in Tesco’s then go fishing without the Mainline Baits, and I can’t disagree on that! 


When I first got in contact with Mainline Baits, I was a bit skeptical. Why was this bait better than my regular manufacturer? My results were there, I caught fish and that was it.

The field tester I met in 2003 at Abbey lakes in France gave me a handful of Activ-8 boilies and told me to give it a go. So I did, within minutes I had my first fish on the Activ-8 and I used all of the bait I got from the guy in that session. More results in a short time, without changing rigs or spots.

After this session I was convinced that there was something right about this boilie. After the trip I dug into the world of Mainline Baits and found out that there was more than just one boilie, there is a complete range of bait. Boilies, dips, flavours and pellets. The pellets got my full attention, cause most of my fishing was, and is, using solid PVA bags. Something in it makes the fish come back for more.

The results got better and better each time, especially since the Cell came out. This bait was making the difference every time it went into one of the lakes. Most of our big fish are caught on this bait and they still love it. In the mean time Abbey Lakes is an almost 100% Mainline venue and I recommend this bait to all of my customers. One of the well known English anglers told me he’d rather go shopping naked in Tesco’s then go fishing without the Mainline Response pellets and I can’t disagree on that!

Mainline baits: Don’t leave home without them!


Articles in Dutch magazines Spiegel and Karper and French magazines Pêche au Coup and Média Carpe.

Articles for several websites in both Dutch and English.

Editor of the YouTube series “Abbey TV” for my company Karpervijver.

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