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Mainline Consultants

About Ian Huntington

I started fishing in Singapore at a very young age, Grass carp were the primary fish caught. Moved to the North West of England in 1968 and remain in the same region today. I have been using Mainline Baits since 1996.

Match Fishing Record with fishing partner Pete Holehouse

Members of the successful Mainline Match Fishing Team since 1999, and won the Team British Carp Angling Championships in 1999 and 2010 also came 2nd in the Team BCAC on 7 further occasions since 1999.

We have a significant record in the BCAC qualifies as we are the only anglers to win 5 out of 5 back to back at the first attempt. We are also the only anglers to win 9 out of 12 qualifiers. The only anglers to have qualified for 10 out of 12 BCAC Finals and also the only anglers to qualify through 11 out of 12 first round eliminators.


Keep a very low profile with regard to publicity, however have had numerous appearances on Sky TV, small amount of feature writing on various websites. We have featured exclusively in the TV Times Magazine.

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