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About Greg Ellis

I’ve passed my test when it comes down to carp fishing, having started off like most other kids do as they grow up - armed with a whip and a pint of maggots down the local day ticket water catching roach etc. This slowly progressed into a rod, reel and float set-up over time, and this is where I really found my love for carp after I managed a near double leather on a family trip to Devon in 2001. This changed my life forever and from that day I just knew I had to catch carp. Most of my carp fishing has then been in my local Essex area where I've caught some of the most sought after carp in the county. This year has seen me move on a bit and branch out to the famous Colne Valley - an area steeped in carp fishing history. As well as the Horton complex and where I have been concentrating my efforts on the historic Church Lake before looking to move onto a few of the other complex waters.

Over the years I've used various different bait companies and never really got settled with any one bait. It wasn't until my second season on the Essex Manor that I converted to Mainline Baits. You just couldn't help but notice the damage that the new Hybrid was doing on this place back then. I was told to get on it week in and week out and finally I decided to make the move. It's certainly one choice in life that I did make right this time. I've slowly moved over to the Cell in the last couple of years and to be honest I can't see myself ever feeling confident with anything else. This bait has to be one of the biggest carp catching baits of all time. For me and my angling, confidence is the key to success and when I've got a bag of Cell in my armoury. I know I'm giving myself the best possible chance of a bite. If you ain't on it - get on it! 


My articles have appeared in Carpworld, CARPology, Carp Talk and Big Carp magazines.

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