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Mainline Consultants

About Gary Hagues

 I started Carp fishing in 1985 at my local park lake, catching my first 20lb carp in 1988. Since this time I have been a member of a few Syndicates choosing to catch my target fish before moving on. At present I fish on the Mangrove when time allows, but running 2 Syndicates as well takes a lot of my time.


I have been using Mainline Baits on and of since the early nineties, but it wasn't until about 4 years ago while talking to Kev that I decided to make the full transition over to Mainline. I have got to confess that I have not tried every single Mainline bait, but the ones I have, have brought me
instant success on all the waters I have fished.

The past 4 years have seen me mostly using Cell and recently the Mark1 on test, 2 totally different baits but with the same instant and consistent results. For the past 10years my local syndicate has proved to be a tough winter venue, with only a handful of fish each winter gracing the banks. That was until the members started using the Cell, and we have had the best 2 winters by a mile. The fish have grew consistently and are in the best condition they have been for years.

I was told that Mainline would not work on Rainbow, well you can throw that statement out of the window. Myself and my fishing partner caught over a 100 fish in the last 2 trips to the venue. If you asked me what my favourite bait was I would have to say the Cell, but on recent results on the Mark1 that might change shortly. Quite simply put any Mainline bait in the right place and you will catch consistently, that's a fact. Kev and Steve are always working hard to improve their products, and as far as I am concerned you don't have to look any further.


Wrote the odd article in Advanced Carp Angler a few years back.

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