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Mainline Consultants

About Derek Harrison

I have been fishing all my life, ever since I was a young lad growing up in the north of England. I really started carp fishing over 35 years ago, when I moved to Holland. At the time carp were scarce on the ground in the Northwest of Englang. Since I have fished for carp all over Europe as wellI have caught notable carp including the infamous Half Moon from Lac de St. Casein and the very famous Big One, the largest carp in het Benelux, caught from a canal in Belgium. I have not only caught plenty of carp but many big pike in Holland and a catfish of 67 kilos in Germany, back when catfishing was fairly unheard of.

I still very much enjoy being out there catching carp, whether big of small and I love the huge canals and rivers in Belgium, France and Holland where there are still surprise fish to be caught and the fish have no names. Even though I love carp fishing, which is my first passion, I also very much enjoy wildlife photography and guiding carpanglers who want to explore the waterways of the Benelux or France. 

I have been using Mainline Baits since 2015 using the cell which has caught me loads of carp over the last few years. I therefor see no reason to changing to another bait summer or winter

I generally fish sessions when I am free from my guiding, for up to a week on my beloved canals and rivers of Belgium and Holland or up to 10 days exploring the lakes rivers and canals of France


Articles and interviews have been published in various Dutch, British, French, German and Italian magazines.

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