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About Dave Smedley

I've been fishing since I was six years old, starting on the River Lee with my dad, who got in to carp fishing a couple of years later. We moved to Essex when I was 11 where I fished a small Club Water. Catching my first twenty-pounder from Waveney Valley when I was 15, but as soon as I could drive I was off!  

I fished Layer Pits and had a Leasure Sport ticket to fish Darenth and I've fished a few good waters over the years. Although at the moment I'm addicted to Monk's  Pit, I love it on there when I'm in the UK as I also work at Dream Lakes in France as a bailiff - so I'm fortunate to be able to work in the industry that I love and catch a few kippers along the way!


Carp-Talk Angler Of The Year 2014

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