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Mainline Consultants

About Darren Willeatts

I started match fishing on the canals and rivers around my local area as a young lad and then progressed to carp angling as a teenager and have been carp angling for almost 30 years and have seen the sport grow massively in that time. I used to fish a lot of local club waters and then naturally progressed to better venues I have fish many waters across the uk where I have been very successful over the years. I am currently fishing on the RK leisure Horton complex and have been concentrating on the Church Lake where I have been lucky enough in my first season so far to catch eight fish over forty and two over the magical fifty-pound mark. I have been using Mainline Baits well over 15 years and have been successful on them all from the Grange in the early days the N.R.G Activ-8, Assassin-8, Maple-8, Hybrid to name but a few, and I have been using the awesome Cell since it’s release it is pure confidence in a bag and another major game player in my armoury bait and location are the main things to me in carp angling and this is just one piece of the jigsaw I don’t have to worry about! 


I am currently sponsored by PB products and have appeared in Carp-Talk, CARPology and Angling Times.

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