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Mainline Consultants

About Darrell Creasey

I first started fishing at the age of seven, at first catching anything that swam, my first venue being the Dorset Stour at the rear of Pontins holiday camp as it was. From there I fished all my local ponds and lakes best of all being the lakes in Wanstead Park. All these venues held Carp but for the time being my mind were on Tench.

Summer holidays where spent up and down the River Lea and Lea Navigation once again for anything that swam. My early teens were spent fishing Hainault Country Park again for Tench and the odd Carp that nicked my Sweet corn.

My first real encounter with Carp came from fishing a lake in Colchester used to provide water to all the surrounding Potato crops. The lake was full of “Wildies” pound for pound truly a hard fitting fish. It wasn’t until I became a member of South Weald Country Park that Carp fishing took hold. During an intended Tench session on the bottom lake I opted to fish the top lake and landed a monster then mid twenty Mirror, that changed my fishing forever. 

Over the years I have been lucky enough to fish several quality venues in the UK and Europe with Mainline being my only choice of bait every time.

Since 1993 I have been involved in the Angling Industry covering many different roles and spending time working all over Europe working alongside some of the biggest tackle companies, as well as in the Far East working with major manufacturers on the product development side. In addition to this I also ran syndicate water in Essex for 15 years and was involved with the running of Thurrock Angling Club “Little Grange”.

All this has given me a wealth of experience and insight into all aspects of the Angling Industry from which I can genuinely speak about the qualities Mainline bring to your fishing, not only from a manufacturing view point, but also from a catching and fish welfare view point. Using Mainline products will give you the edge required to catch your dreams. Simply put quality all rolled into little balls. “Quality first”.




I was lucky enough to first use Mainline Bait some 20 years ago whilst fishing South Weald Country Park with Kenny Dorset. The bait then was Grange which was used to great effect catching me the then lake record Big Scale (The fish that then hooked me for life) an awesome Mirror weighing in at 38.10lb.

The bait was then used on Little Grange the venue where the Grange was given life and spawned all things that followed. The Grange accounted for some truly amazing captures their and on untold venues around the UK and in Europe.

Since then Mainline have repeatedly kept on producing quality bait each and everyone being unique, having been properly tested by a huge group of quality anglers and made from quality ingredients all catching some of the biggest fish in the UK and Europe.

For me personally to have total confidence in a company that after all produces such an important part of the jigsaw puzzle is "MASSIVE”. This then allows me the time to concentrate on fitting together the rest of the puzzle "Location" and "Presentation" all three together spell "Confidence". You just cannot fish without it.

To put it in a nut shell Mainline have produced the goods in the past and will undoubtedly carry on making our dreams come true in the future.

The Mainline photo album from conception to present day would undoubtedly be an awesome sight.

Mainline = forward thinking, outstanding quality, total confidence!


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