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About Colin Ogorman Woolfall

After opening a magazine and seeing Mr Tim Paisley holding the then world record at 73lb my fishing life changed forever! Of course we were already fishing but I did not realise how big carp grew! So some years later as I got a bit older and could afford it I started my own adventure, fishing in France, I went to lots to of places for 50lb+ fish until in 2010 we learned of a water containing 70lb+ fish, Les Telliatts. This is what I had been looking for. On my second trip I woke up on the first morning to the biggest mirror in the lake ‘The Nogent’ a few days later I had a 71lb common and a 61lb fish in the mix. I then dedicated as much time as possible to the lake and today I have managed 12 60lb+ carp, five different 70lb+ fish and three 80lb plus captures including ‘The Long Common’ and ‘Digital Common’ at 84 and 83lbs respectively. So it’s November 2014 and I’d just been lucky enough to have the digital common, I get home to news of a 94lb mirror being caught in north France. 94lb! - where is it? I ask. The fish is in a lake called Etang 5, which had been closed for five years, re-opened and this is what is had produced! A life changing carp! From there on out I could not stop thinking of this fish, I dedicated the next year to it and booked four trips, on the third trip I managed the second and third biggest fish in the lake, understandably I was really happy. Now I knew that the fish had been out in the November previous, so booked two weeks from the 1st of November. Arriving Saturday I put the rods out with the intention of leaving them for three days. On the third day the dream became a reality, ‘The Dinosaur’ at 93lb was in my net! The most amazing creature I will ever meet - it has truly been an amazing adventure and I feel it’s only just started… 

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