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Mainline Consultants

About Chris Cox

It started with a Whip and some maggots on the Grand Union and then the carp bug well and truly took hold. I didn't really fish much at all during my school years but as soon as I left, the rods were purchased and the Colne Valley where I grew up began to be explored rod in hand! I cut my teeth on Boyer Leisure's Mayfield's Pool before progressing onto Rodney Meadow catching steadily and the adrenaline rush of catching carp has only ever increased. I managed to get a Horton Complex ticket in 2015 and have spent the last few years chasing its elusive residents. Last year I got involved with Mainline Baits and all I can say is 'I'm so glad!' I can only compound the hype and hysteria around the best bait company around by using their baits with the utmost confidence it provides. 2018 will hopefully be as good to me as 2017 has been but all I do know is a bag of Mainline will certainly be the downfall of many of my captures.


I have written articles for CARPology and CarpTalk magazines. I also finished 2nd place 'runner up' in the Mainline Carp Angler Of The Year 2018 competition.

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