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Mainline Consultants

About Ben Lofting

I caught my first fish when I was five years old and I spent the next five or six years learning the ropes catching anything I could. When I was ten I caught my first carp and that was that. I’ve been carp fishing ever since. 

I love all aspects of carp fishing although stalking would have to be my favorite method. I put a great deal of faith in pre-baiting and so rely heavily on the quality of the bait I use. I first used mainline nearly 30 years ago when the original Grange bait came out and it completely changed my fishing.

These days I really enjoy fishing abroad and have set myself the target of catching carp from a new country every year. In England, my priority is finding quieter lakes to fish. Even if that means the carp I’m fishing for aren’t quite as big.


I have written for Big Carp magazine several times and compiled the book ‘Essex Carp Hunters’

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