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Mainline Consultants

About Andy Maker

I’ve been fishing since the age of 5 but turned my attention exclusively to carp from the age of 13 fishing small club lakes and farm reservoirs around my home town of Maidstone. My fishing then moved further afield  to the once prolific Darenth complex in the mid 80’s til the early 90’s and then to Larkfield pits,from there it was a 3 year stint on Walthamstow. It was whilst on Walthamstow in 2003 I was to enter the BCAC for the first time, purely to night fish the 2 an 3, one thing lead to another and we managed a second in the qualifier and 2nd in the final this was followed in 2004 with a victory in the final, and a third place in the final with Tom in 2008. In 2009 the Champion of Champions match was held at the prolific Barston lake which we managed to win by a margin of some 900lbs.
A ticket then became available at a certain southern syndicate where I have had without doubt the best 3 years fishing ever with untold big carp including my first uk 40 and the current british record chub.
During all of this I was heavily involved with Angling Trust (Was NFA) Carp Team England travelling to places such as Russia, Portugal, Serbia, France, Italy and to South Africa, winning two team silvers and a bronze along the way.
Nowadays I prefer the quieter waters and syndicates for the majority of my angling.I still give it maximum effort as I always have and still after all these years love every minute spent in the bank.


I never have or never will profess to know anything about bait or its construction, but with the exceptional and sometimes unbelievable results that I’ve achieved whilst using all of the Mainline products you can only come to the conclusion that you are without doubt using some of  the best baits ever to have hit the shelves. Long may it continue.


A few articles over the years with the Angling Times, Anglers Mail and Crafty Carper, plus a good few TV appearances with the BCAC.

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